Permaculture Lanscape Consulting

Property Designs to provide Soothing Color and Delicious Edibles

If you have been wanting a property design to provide soothing color, delicious edibles for you and wildlife, and native plants, all arranged with a flow to hold your interest, you've come to the right place.

Imagine a design which temptingly draws you outside for at-home daily strolls to enjoy the fruits and beauty of your ever-evolving landscape. A design for a  large or small property that accents your home by effectively floating it in waves of natural and useful plantings and structures, like stone walls or walks... in a way fit for an artist canvas.

These designs are not only pleasing and easy on the eyes; they tend to be less maintenance as well.

However, if a conventional landscape plan is what you prefer, we are well able to satisfy any style from formal, to semi formal, to natural.

Alan Emond has been engaged in plant propagation and nursery, landscape design and installation, organic farming and wild crafting for over 25 years. He know plants very well. His aesthetic ability stems from his background as a professional artist.

Design cost for an average property up to an acre runs around $350.00

If interested please contact him at 413-624-5115 or email Alan

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Permaculture Landscape Consulting

Alan Emond 413-624-5115

Alan Emond

25 Years of Permaculture Landscaping in Franklin County

Alan Emond grew up in Montague where, at five years of age, he started planting green things, any green thing, from gardens to wild azaleas. At age 19, Alan began a five-year stint working as a landscape foreman and nurseryman for Stewart's Nurseries in Turners Falls.

At 24, Alan started his own organic nursery and landscape company with seven employees planning, installing and maintaining landscapes from Boston to Keene and Brattleboro. His high standards and reputation needed no advertising beyond word of mouth.

In an attempt to slow his life down a bit, Alan downsized his landscape operation in 2007, and turned to organic produce and cut flower production. His West Branch Organic Farm in Colrain, MA, has supplied the public and many local groceries like Green Field's Market, McCusker's Market, Foster's, and Whole Foods.

In 2018, Alan decided he wanted to help people create sustainable and rewarding landscapes to provide a healthy, exciting environment beyond the inner doors of their homes.

Alan can help you create and manage your property whether your interests are aesthetics, timber development, wildlife habitat, edibles, flowers, landscape flow, accenting your buildings, or a combination of any of these.

"I believe the only way to effectively create a product that will deliver what a client wants is to ask them the right questions as to likes, in texture or color and use of their property, and then to mold a design that fits their character"

Contact Alan at 413-624-5115 or send him an email

Alan Emond 413-624-5115

25 years of Plant Propagation and Nursery, Landscape Design and Installation, Organic Farming and Wild Crafting